BudgetMoscow.com offers you online bookings at Moscow hotels and Moscow apartments. We try the best we can to help you find the right hotels and apartments in Moscow with good quality and hospitable services to suit you the traveller. In fact for many visitors it is quite difficult to find an inexpensive good quality Moscow hotel or apartment as there is a definite lack of them. Therefore we are proud of our unique online database as it covers many Moscow hotels and apartments, some of them can be only found on our website.

A very good alternative to staying in a hotel is offered to you. We will make all the arrangements for you to have a wonderful comfortable and profitable stay in an apartment. It is a perfect option for the budget traveller. You will be able to save money not only minus what you would have paid each day at the hotel but have the ultimate option of cook and making the choices of what and how you make your itinerary and fashion your trip. Staying in an apartment gives you chance to be a tourist with a difference.

Long-term apartments in Moscow. Our company has been successfully working with expats and Russians who are looking for the long-term rentals in Moscow. We are proud to have clients from different companies and countries. All clients whom we helped to find accommodation recommend us to their friends and colleagues and return to us to find another apartment after their rental period finishes. We are also proud of our database of the long-term apartments which suits clients of any taste and preferences.

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